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Function of continuous fryer

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Function of continuous fryer

Issue Time:2019-10-12
 Automatic frying line, the whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, the length, width, and output can be made according to the user's needs. The fry food can be divided into single mesh belt and double mesh belt, and the temperature is digital display. Control, the user can set the oil temperature according to the different fried products. Mesh belt conveyor system for frequency control or stepless speed regulation, equipment, automatic filtration system is divided into two types: oil and water mixing process, automatic oil scraping scraping and frying technology (automatic filtration technology).

Our continuous fryer machine has a unique product delivery system, slag discharge system, oil circulation system, exhaust system, electronic control system and other components. Mesh conveyors are used for frequency conversion or stepless speed regulation. Widely used in meat products, meat, fried chicken wings, rice, fish, vegetables, pasta and other fried food processing.

With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demands for food quality and hygiene have become more stringent. The requirements for fried foods have also been placed in front of food manufacturers. In response to market demand, we have researched and developed series for different customers. Fried equipment. Among them, high-efficiency coal-fired fryers, high-efficiency gas fryers, heat-conducting oil-heated fryers, and electric-heated mesh-belt fryers are all recognized by users. Frying equipment is mainly used in nuts, leisure, canned, meat, conditioning, vegetables, pasta, aquatic products and other products.
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