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Principle of meatball processing

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Principle of meatball processing

Feb 29,2020

Beef ball molding machine is characterized by crispness and fragrance. The basic principles in the processing are as follows.

(1) Extraction of salt soluble protein from meat

The salt soluble myofibrin in meat is mainly myosin and actin. Under the dual action of salt and phosphate, such as chopping or stirring, the two proteins in meat can be extracted, and the meat filling can form a stable colloidal structure.

In the process of meatball making, high speed beating is very necessary. After the salt soluble protein in meat is completely extracted, the lean meat, water, fat and other substances can form a stable colloid, which provides the basis for the "crispness" of meat pulp after heating.

However, it should be noted that in the process of salt soluble protein extraction, the temperature control of meat filling is very important. When the temperature is 6-8 ℃, the temperature of meat filling will rise rapidly in the high-speed beating state. At this time, even if salt soluble protein is extracted, it will not form a good structure.

(2) Emulsification of fat

There are two purposes of adding fat in the processing of Meatballs: increasing flavor and improving emulsification quality. The added fat must be granular, which is conducive to the uniform dispersion of meat filling processing, and is emulsified and wrapped by salt soluble protein. In the process of high-speed beating, fat particles will be evenly dispersed in salt soluble protein, forming a stable gelling state with protein. After heat setting, the structure of Meatballs is relatively stable, and fat oil will not be separated out when boiling. In the process of emulsification, temperature is also very important. In principle, the temperature should not exceed 12 ℃. The higher the temperature, the weaker the emulsification and gelation of protein and fat particles, and the worse the structural stability of meat filling.

(3) Heat stability of pulp

After the meat pulp is made, it needs to be left for a period of time to make the internal network structure of the meat pulp more firm and stable; it is set in 90 ℃ water to promote the gelation of salt soluble protein and fat particles; it is cooled in ice water to the center temperature of the meatball below 15 ℃, so as to further stabilize the internal structure of the meatball.

(4) Flavor shaping

The meatballs of refrigerated beater generally do not need special seasoning, and the special meat flavor of pork is presented by boiling, especially the fat in pork is very fragrant after boiling directly. However, in view of the bad smell of pork in the process of cooking, salt and essence can be properly added to the meat stuffing to cover the bad smell.

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