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How to make the meat ball taste better?

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How to make the meat ball taste better?

Jan 22,2020

Adding starch to the meatballs at home is not enough, it will affect the taste of the meatballs. Learn this trick, the meatballs will become tender and elastic. We have a lot of Chinese cuisines. Meatballs are a kind of ingredients that are particularly common on the table. Although it is not a natural ingredient, it is made from meat after processing. But whether it is cooked or fried, it is very delicious.

Because it is eaten in a variety of ways, and each one is delicious, it is loved by everyone. Nowadays, there are many kinds of meatballs on the market.

However, the quality of meatballs on the market is not as good as before. If you buy bad meatballs, it will not only waste money but also destroy your mood. The enjoyment of food should be particularly happy, so if you want to eat particularly healthy and rest assured, you should still make delicious meatballs at home, although it sounds simple to make the meatballs by you own, you only need to break the meat and make the meat into meatballs, it is not easy to make high-quality meatballs.

I especially like eating meatballs. I have eaten meatballs once a week since I was a kid. Mom also makes a lot of meatballs and keeps them in the refrigerator at home. I used to think that making meatballs was a very simple thing, but when I started making meatballs by myself last year, I encountered various problems during the production process. The biggest problem was that the meatballs could not be formed. Later, I thought about adding some starch to the minced meat, but although the meatballs could be shaped into a round ball shape, the taste was not as tender and juicy as my mother made, so I went to ask my mother about how to make the meatball taste better.

Mom shared with me her recipe for making meatballs, and now I will share it with you. First, do not add starch when making meatballs, you should replace it with glutinous rice flour and egg white so that the pork can absorb sufficient moisture, and the taste becomes particularly tender and smooth. Moreover, after adding glutinous rice flour, it is easy to make it into compact meatballs, which are very flexible to eat. In addition, glutinous rice flour is inherently more viscous than starch. Adding it to the meat filling will help the meatballs be better Molding

The specific method is to mince the meat, add onion ginger garlic juice, add an egg white and an appropriate amount of glutinous rice flour. Add the soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar, and stir it in one direction. Add a small amount of water afterward to make sure it is stretchy and smooth.

Finally, bring a pot of water and use a spoon to make it into a size you like after boiling. After cooking, you can eat it directly.

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