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How to Make Oil Fried French Fries Crispy XinXuDong

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How to Make Oil Fried French Fries Crispy XinXuDong

Feb 6,2020

1. Use high starch potatoes.

Potatoes are all about starch and water. High starch has a dry, mealy texture. They are ideal for French fries. Russet is the king of the low moisture-high starch category. It is best for french fries. 99%6 of Idaho's potatoes are Russets, so many stores call Russets Idahos. You can also use ll-purpose potatoes. They have a moderate amount of starch and moisture and can be used in any potato recipe.

2. Cut them into thin strips after washing and peeling.

This ensures even cooking of the individual fries. The smaller the strips the easier it is for them to get crispy. Thinner strips get larger surface area so that there is more surface area for water to evaporate. By using our potato cutting machine, the thickness could be adjusted freely. You could also use it to cut round or crinkle slices for making potato chips. Remember to rinse off the extra starch after cutting so that your fries not to be soggy.

3. Dehydration before frying.

If something contains a lot of water, it will be hard to get crispy. Our French fries dehydration machine adopts centrifugal principle to dry off the surface water of potato strips after washed and blanched. The heavy base, self-center marker and shock absorber all contribute to a stable performance without vibration.

4. Deep fryer with temperature control.

The electric oil-water mixed fryer has double temperature control. You can set the temperature of oil frely. The temperature of the water is cooled by natural wind and automatic cold water cycling system. Accurate temperature ensures you make the crispy french fries.

5. Fry the French fries twice.

Fry the French fries once at a lower temperature until cooked through with a slightly golden color, and then a second time at a higher temperature tll the fries turn golden brown and crispy. After the fist fry, remove the fries and drain, let them stand at room temperature for 15 minutes. Or refrigerate them in a freezer until ready to use them. A tougher surface and cooler interior give the chip more time to develop that essential crunchy shell before it burns.

6. Deoiling with the help of the machine.

The de-oiling machine has the same structure with the dehydration machine, except that it has different speed. The de- oiling machine helps remove the extra oil on the surface, makes it not so greasy.

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