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How to Make De licious Frozen French Fries

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How to Make De licious Frozen French Fries

Feb 18,2020

French fries in McDonald's and KFC are all frozen french fries which need secondary fry before eating. Frozen french fries have a more attractive appearance and delicious taste due to more nutrition are kept in production.

High quality frozen french fries with low oil have golden brown color and crisp skin outside fresh and tender chips. The attractive color is mainly determined by blanching time and frying time, while the cooling time and frying temperature have much influence on oil content and water content.

General Making Procedure

There is no difference in making fried french fries and frozen french fries except for the final fry and freeze parts. AS frozen french fries need secondary fry, the frying time should be shorter compared with fresh fried french fries.

The general frozen french fries processing steps are washing and peeling, slicing or striping, blanching, cooling and drying,frying, de-oiling, and packaging.

 Key Points in Blanching Process

Sliced or striped potatoes need blanching before frying to remove starch and inactivate the enzyme.

Potato chips blanched in short time will still have enzyme and they are easy to go bad. While once blanched in hot water in a long time, french fries will have poor palatability and mouthfeel. What's more, long processing time needs more fuel and electricity increasing investment. The best blanching time for frozen french fries is 7-15 minutes in 70°C. 

For the different amount of potatoes, the blanching time and water temperature can be adjusted.

Factors in Drying Proces  

Blanched french fries are full of water and need drying before fried. Longer drying time, less water content. Once potatoes have much water loss, they will become hard and not tasty.lmportant Tips in Frying Process Frying is one important step which effects the appearance and shape of french fries. The oil content in french fries will increase heavily when potatoes are fried at low temperature in short time and high temperature in a long time. What's more, the color of french fries will change into dark brown if potatoes are fried in hot oil.The best frying time for french fries is 8-10 minutes, while for thin potato chips, the frying time can be around 6 minutes. High quality french fries usually have oil content in 4.8%6-5.7% and inner water content in 65%-70%.

How to Make Delicious French Fires at Home

Wish to make delicious french fries like McDonald's and KFC? Don't worry! It's easy to make potato chips and french fries at home. What you have to know first is that french fries in McDonald's and KFC are made from potato powders, not sliced or striped potatoes. Still, have questions about the differences, please look last news Sliced Potato Chips VS Compound French Fries.

In homemade french fries process, potatoes are striped less than 1cm. Striped potatoes are cooked in hot water for 3 minutes after soaked in salt water. Then put blanched potato strips into the refrigerator to freeze. Fry frozen french fries in hot oil for 2-3 minutes before eating.

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