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continue fryer machine

continue fryer machine

continue fryer machine
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Update TimeJul 20,2024
Detail Information

1.XDL-8500 automatic continuous deep fryer/frying machine project:

Fried food is more and more popolar in market because of it's good taste. It can make food crispy taste,it can make food good appearance,it also good for healthy.
We are the professional manufacturer of the automatic continuous deep fryer/frying machine, basiced on customers demands, we designed top quality whole line solution for satifying different capacity demands: 200-1200kg/h.
XDL-8500 automatic continuous deep fryer/frying machine:
It can be used for frying formed coated products(tempura seafoods,coated chicken products),potato chips,french fries,puffed snacks,nuts,spring rolls,falafel,samosa,fish can products.

XDL-8500 Automatic continuous deep fryer / frying machine

XDL-8500 Automatic continuous deep fryer / frying machine

XDL-8500 Automatic continuous deep fryer / frying machine

2.XDL-8500 automatic continuous deeo fryer/frying machine specification

No.ModelPowerHeating methordOthers

3.Our XDL-8500 frying solution

1)Nuts frying solution

2)Coated/prepared food frying solution

3)Fish frying solution

4)All kind of snacks frying solution

5)Samosal,falafel,spring rolls frying solution

6)Meats products frying solution

Others type of food frying solution, we supply customized food frying solution as demands.

Packaging & Shipping

XDL-8500 Automatic continuous deep fryer / frying machine

Our packaging and shipping
All machines which need pacaged will be covered by film then put into the export standard wooden case, use the cystosepiment to prent breaking on ship.
The wooden case will be fixed inside the container tightly by the rope.
Export standard wooden case will be palleted for easy unloading for customers.
We select the direct ship for sending the machines to customers within shortest time as we can. And all main BL for ensuring the safety of the machines.
We update the shipping information to customer in time.

Our Services

Our XDL-8500 automatic continuous deep fryer/frying machine services:

1.Pre-sale service:

We supply proposal and quotation to customers as demands, invitate customer come to check our machines quality.

2.After-sale service:

1 year free warranty, after 1 year, life time warranty with basic cost.

Overseas installation,training and testing.

Basic spare part service

XDL-8500 Automatic continuous deep fryer / frying machine

Company Information

1.Zhucheng Xinxudong Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. We are the pioneer in manufacturing a variety of food production line machinery. Currently our business group is comprised of three companies, each an industry leader in its own food production line category.
Zhucheng Xinxudong Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in frying lines and the production lines of fresh potato chips and frozen French fries. We have a strong R&D team that consists of more than 10 outstanding engineers, and an extensive sales team with more than 50 sales/service staff to assist our clients from all over China.

XDL-8500 Automatic continuous deep fryer / frying machine

2.Our certificates:
We can supply certificates as customers damands for importing items.
COMPAMY NAME:ZHUCHENG XINXUDONG MACHINERY CO.,LTDXDL-8500 Automatic continuous deep fryer / frying machine

3.Currently we are receiving more and more requests from abroad as the quality of our machines and our competitive pricing have been recognized by clients from all over the world. We are also highly recommended by our clients due to our devotion to provide the highest standard after-sales services. So far our machines have been exported to many nations such as the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Italy, Australia, Pakistan and more......

XDL-8500 Automatic continuous deep fryer / frying machine

4.Our frying machine catalogue:

1)Continuous frying machine

2)Automatic batch frying machine

3)Vacuum frying machine

4)Oil curtain/film frying machine

5)High-efficient heat exchanger

6)Oil filter,oil tank

Our main products catalogue:

1)Frying solution

2)Potato solution: frozen french fries production line,potato chips production line

3)IQF tunnel quick freezer

4)Frozen vegetables processing line

5)Chicken nuggets/burger patty processing line

6)Dumpling making line

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