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Fried Potato Chips VS Baked Potato Chips

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Fried Potato Chips VS Baked Potato Chips
Issue Time:2019-12-11
Oil and Fat Content
Only from the literal, freshly fried potato chips have much more oil and fat due to the direct frying, while to baked potato chips,they seem much healthier because of non-fried cook. That's why more and more potato chips manufacturers preach their so-called healthy baked non-fried potato chips.
While are baked potato chips really healthy and oil less? It does have no oil in cook process-potato slices are baked. Comparedwith fatty deep fry, bake is the more healthy way to cook food. Can it be traced that baked potato chips are fatless and suitablefor girls on diet? What we can not ignore is that oil is added when baked potato slices are flavored with sources. Dry baked potatoes are hard to stick source so oil is added as adhesive.
Taking Lays fried potato chips and baked potato chips as an example, calory serving 30g is 8% and fat is 16% in fried potato chips. In baked potato chips, calory takes 13% and fat 22% serving 52g. When converted in the same unit, it can be found that oil and fat content are no different in both fired and baked potato chips.
Here we also take Lay's fried potato chips and baked potato chips as an example.
The ingredients for the fried chips are very simple: potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt. While in baked potato chips, the ingredients are dried potatoes, cornstarch, sugar, corn oil, salt, soy lecithin and corn sugar. Dried potatoes, as not stated, are not even fresh potatoes.
In addition, corn starch, corn oil, and soy lecithin are used and since they are not organic, there is a high likelihood that these ingredients are from genetically modified (GMO) sources. Baked potato chips may have fewer calories and lower fat content, but it depends on the brand. A serving of regular plain potato chips has about 150 calories, while a serving of baked chips has around 130. When you taking added ingredients into account, you may find the fat content in baked potato chips is high than fried ones.
But where traditional junk food may have had marginally more calories and a bit more salt, what it never had was a "health halo". No one ever would have confused chips and chocolate bars with healthful choices. All these so-called healthy alternatives to fried junk food potato chips were totally a trick.
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