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XinXuDong Frozen French Fries Manufacturing Machinery Working Process

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XinXuDong Frozen French Fries Manufacturing Machinery Working Process

Jan 2,2020

French fries are popular in the world for their crispy and delicious taste. The world's McDonald's culture is also the essence of French fries. French fries have become the second largest snack food after instant noodles. Here will introduce french fries manufacturinfg process?

Fresh potato selection → cleaning → peeling → cutting or slicing → blanching → drying → frying → pre-cooling → quick freezing → packaging → freezing

Fresh potato selection: Choose potatoes with no insects, no deterioration, and smooth surface, and remove the green sprouts and dried skin.Cleaning and peeling: In order to improve the production capacity and ensure the quality of French fries, it is advisable to use a brush roller to clean the potatoes, peeling clean, without increasing the consumption of raw materials.

Cut strips: The peeled potatoes are rinsed with water, washed off the surface-adhered potato skins and residues, and then sent to a slicer by a conveyor belt to cut into strips or pieces. The thickness of the product should meet the quality requirements. Generally 1.5 to 2.Omm, potato strips generally choose about 3mm.

Rinsing and blanching: The purpose of rinsing is to wash away the surface starch to avoid sticking French fries or oil contamination during the frying process. The purpose of blanching is to inactivate the enzymes in the potato French fries and prevent enzymatic browning from affecting the quality of the product.

Drying: The purpose of drying is to remove excess moisture on the surface of the potato French fries, thereby reducing the loss and decomposition of the oil during the frying process, while maintaining the brittleness of the blanched potatoes. Pay attention to drying temperature and drying time to ensure the quality and moisture content of French fries.

Frying: The dried potato French fries are fed into the fryer through the hoist machine to fry. The oil temperature is controlled at 170-180°C, and the frying time is about 1 min. 

Quick freezing: After being pre-cooled, the fried product is quick-frozen by quick-freezing machine, and the quick freezing temperature is controlled below -36 °C to ensure that the central temperature of the potato product falls below -18 °C within 18 min.

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