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Analysis of hamburger Patty production industry

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Analysis of hamburger Patty production industry

Jan 4,2020
Manufacturers can produce meat patty with a different mouthfeel
Except for the types of meats used. the texture of the meat grind is also important for meat patty mouthfeel In the production of the meat patty. fine or medium or coarsegrind is chosen by patty manufacturers for creating diferent tastes.
Fine grind gives a smooth mouthfeel because fine ground meat is of small fineness and most of the natural sinew or gristle is undetectable.
Coarse grind has a rough and chunky mouthfeel because coarsely ground meat is of large fineness and the natural sinew is not completely ground.
Medium grind is in the middle with a rougher mouthfeel but less chunkiness that is got from the coarse grind.
As the fine grind provides great eating experience. it is the most popular and versatile grind.

Most meat patties are made from ground beef
The ground beef is considered by many to be the most popular meat for making patties. Most patties in the supermarkets and fast food restaurant chains are made from beef trimmings ground up with added fat, and by-products are most used. There are four kinds of typical examples of by-products.
The muscle under animals' skin that shakes to swat away fles.
The meat and sinew that are scrapped from animal bones after the primal cut is collected,
The trimmings extracted from neck bones and leftovers,
The fat from the animal carcass.
Meat patty freezing systems
There are three basic types of freezing systems for meat patties:
-Blast freezing system
usually. this system is used to freeze the prepackaged meat patties by employing a high-velocity blast of cold air with a temperature of -40'F to speed up and finish the freezing process.
-Mechanical freezing system
Mechanical feezing typically is used for Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) by using ammonia as the freezing medium to produce very cold air that is forced at high pressure and intensity over the individual unpacked product
-Cryogenic freezing system
In the cryogenic freezing system. liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide is used as the freezing agent to freeze ground beef patties. Due to the low temperature in cryogenic freezing. the ground beef patties may have a frosty white surface. which is not a freezer bur.

If stored at the proper temperature of -40'F. the shelf life for fresh beef patty without vacuum packed is usually 1-3 days: for vacuum packed fresh patties. they recommend a 14-day shelf life by most manufacturers. To get an optimum quality. the shelf life of frozen beef patty is generally up to 90 days under proper packing and storage conditions witho'F or even colder temperature.

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