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XinXuDong meatball productionine

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XinXuDong meatball productionine

Jan 11,2020
Brief introduction of meatball machine
Meatball maker machine is generally composed of a meat grinder, a beater, and a molding machine. According to different types of meatballs, the beater is divided into high-speed and a slow-speed beater.
Taking pork as an example, the meat is first cleaned and chopped into pieces by grinder. Then put it into a high-speed beater to get minced meat. Finally,shape it by molding machine.
Meatball making machine is made of stainless steel and the diameter is 12-35mm. The amount of stuffing can be adjusted freely to make all kinds of crisp, tough, elastic meatballs.

Working principle of meatball machine
1. Connect the power supply and the water pipe at the back of the machine.
2. There is a meat volume adjustment switch next to the copper sleeve to change the roundness of the meatballs. Meatball become longer if the meat is overmuch, and become oblate if the meat is insufficient. Machine can not work when the meat slurry in barrel is not enough.
3. Place a basin with warm water under the outlet of meatballs
4. Put the mashed meat in the bucket, open the water pipe on the sliding plate to release water, then open the machine and put the meatballs into bucket.
5. After the meatballs are processed, the pusher rod, meat bucket, copper sleeve and copper plate should be taken out to clean.
7.Check whether the inner spring of the machine is available after using for a long time.

Prospect of meatball machine
Meatballs are spherical foods made of chopped meat, and popular among consumers. Traditional meatballs are made by hand.With the development of technology, the meatball machine not only relives people’s burden, but also greatly improves the efficiency of meatball production.
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