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Potato Uses and Potato Processing Machine Review

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Potato Uses and Potato Processing Machine Review

Jan 10,2020
Potatoes are used for a variety of purposes, it is not only an important nutritional component which is a vegetable for cooking at home. Almost 400 million tonnes are produced annually. In fact, it is likely that less than 50 percent of potatoes grown worldwide are consumed fresh. The remaining crop is processed into a variety of foodstuffs as products including french fries, dehydrated potato flakes, food ingredients, animal feed, potato starch and as a starch source for vodka or alcohol production.
Fresh potatoes are baked, boiled, or fried and used in a staggering range of recipes: mashed potatoes, potato pancakes, potato dumplings, twice-baked potatoes, potato soup, potato salad and potatoes au gratin, to name a few.

But global consumption of potato as food is shifting from fresh potatoes to added-value, processed food products. One of the main items in that category is frozen potatoes, which includes most of the french fries ("chips" in the UK) served in restaurants and fast-food chains worldwide. The world's appetite for factory-made french fries has been put at more than 7 million tons a year. Another processed product, the potato crisp ("chips" in the US) is the long- standing king of snack foods in many developed countries.
Fresh Potato Process
In order to keep potato well, After potato harvest, we recommend leaving the potato for an hour or so to dry.During that time most of the soil stuck on them should also drop off. If there are too many earth on the potatosurface, we can use very soft brush to take off of dirt. Don't wash the potatoes; it's hard to get them really dry afterward, which will make potato easy corrupt. Put the potatoes in the dark after they've dried in the open for a short time. Don't leave them in burlap bags or other containers where light can penetrate and start them greening. .
If possible, storage potatoes should have a short drying or "curing" period of one to two weeks after the harvest.Curing allows any slight cuts or bruises on the potatoes to heal rapidly. Keep the tubers in a dark place with temperatures around 55° to 60° F with high humidity of up to 85 or 95 percent.
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