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banana chips production line

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banana chips production line

Jan 18,2020
Automatic fried banana chips production line is made of stainless steel, with long working life. The full banana chips production line can process banana and plantain into fried chips, also process potato chips, sweet potato chips, cassava chips, etc, by changing the peeling machine.
A full set of banana chips equipment consists of banana slicing machine, blanching machine, dewatering machine, water-oil mixed frying machine, deoiling machine, seasoning machine, packaging equipment. 
Equipments of Automatic plantain chips processing line:
1. Plantain slicing machine: equipped with sharp blades, bananas are cut uniformly.
2. Hoister: elevates the banana chips into the washing machine.
3. Plantain chips rinsing machine: to remove small and sticky of the banana chips.
4. Plantain blanching machine: to blanch the banana so that it is easier to frying and keep the color of the banana chips.

5. Plantain chips dewatering machine: to dewater the water of the banana chips after blanching.
6. Plantain chips frying machine: full automatic frying can reduce the moisture to 2% and get the crispy chips.
7. Plantain chips de-oiling machine: remove the oil of the banana chips.
8. The flavoring machine: used for seasoning the fried chips. whichever flavor is needed totally depends on yourself.
9. Picking line: conveying the banana chips into the automatic packing machine.
10. Automatic plantain chips packing machine: full automatic filling, data printing, sealing, etc.
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