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What are the skills of making meatballs?

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What are the skills of making meatballs?

Jan 30,2020

Eight Tips for making meatballs:

1. fish red

Generally, we choose the fish red of grass carp. The meatballs with fish red and the meatballs without fish red are totally two things. 500g pork can be matched with 100g fish red. In Hubei cuisine, our meatballs and fish balls are really delicious.

2. Pork selection

Try to choose pork old activity meat, eating will be more vigorous, and to 7 thin 3 fat pork, the old love to eat fat, can use 6 thin 4 fat.

3. Meat treatment

You can chop meat at home when you have time. The chopper will be more powerful than the meat grinder, and the taste will be longer. However, few professional chefs do this now. They usually use the beater and meatball molding machine to make meatballs.

4. Add appropriate amount of water

Fish balls and meatballs need to be added with appropriate amount of water to make meatballs more tender and the fried meatballs look better. 500g pork needs about 150g water.

5. salt

When we stir meatballs again, we need to give salt. First, give salt, which will make meatballs eat harder. How can we judge whether the amount of salt added is enough? If the meat balls are well mixed and stick to the hands, and do not fall off, it will prove that the salt is in place.

6. Add some sweet potato starch and egg white

First put in the egg white and stir in the meatball. After stirring evenly, add some starch into the meatball. The meatball will be tender and won't disperse.

7. Stir in one direction

The taboo of making meatballs or fish balls is to stir them clockwise and anticlockwise for a while. When we make meatballs, we must stick to one direction to stir them, otherwise the meatballs will be scattered.

8. Cooked meatballs and fried meatballs

When cooking meatballs, you need to lower the pot with cold water, and when frying meatballs, you need to heat them with oil at a temperature of 5-6%. When frying meatballs, you need to lower the pot and fry them. When making meatballs, don't use the spatula to shovel them, but slowly shake the pot to prevent the meatballs from scattering.

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