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How to make XinXuDong crispy French fries?

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How to make XinXuDong crispy French fries?

Jan 31,2020

French fries are snacks that many children love to eat. Many adults don’t know how to do it at home, they will buy a little outside, but the children still don’t eat enough. Today, I will teach you how to make authentic fries at home, and also ensure that the fries are not soft for 3 days.

Ingredients: 2 kg of potatoes, 50 g of starch, 500 g of edible oil, and salt.

The practice of making French fries:

1. Wash the potatoes first, then peel them, cut into strips 6 cm long and 0.9 cm wide, then soak them in water for 30 minutes before use.

2. Boil the right amount of water in the pan, then add the potato strips and the appropriate amount of salt until the potatoes are cooked. Then drain the water and put the potatoes under the sun to dry the water on the surface.

3. Sprinkle the dried potatoes with the right amount of starch, then wrap the potatoes in plastic wrap, put them in the refrigerator, and freeze for 8 hours.

4. Put the right amount of cooking oil at the bottom of the pot. The oil temperature will reach 150 degrees. Add the potato strips and fry for 3 minutes. Then remove the potato strips and heat the oil to about 180 degrees. Add the potato strips until it is golden yellow, and the production is complete.

5. When the French fries are cooled, they will be crispy and refreshing, not soft at all.

6 tips for making French fries:

1. The potatoes should be old There is too much water for potatoes that are just mature, and they will not crispy.

2. There are also standard of the width and the length of French fries. They can’t be too thin or thick. So 0.9CM is a good standard. Cut potatoes should be soaked, or they will be too powdery.

3. The cut potatoes must be boiled with water first. If fried directly, the potatoes will not be crispy.

4. The boiled potatoes need to be drained to prevent too much water and oil splashing in the process of potatoes. If you want to freeze the chips that can’t be used up, you need to sprinkle a proper amount of starch first, and then freeze them, so as to prevent the potatoes from sticking.

5. The potatoes need to be fried twice, which can make the potatoes fully fried and make the color of the potatoes better.

6. The potatoes that can’t be eaten should be sealed well. The chips won’t be soft in three days. If it’s a rainy season, you can make as many as you can eat. Otherwise, there’s too much water vapor in the air, and the chips will become soft easily.

That’s all the tricks of French fries. It’s not very difficult to make delicious chips, but it takes time. Of course, if possible, I hope that the prepared French fries will be eaten on the same day, and the overnight food will not be delicious.

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