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How to use the vegetable processing machine

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How to use the vegetable processing machine

Feb 1,2020

The vegetable processing machine is very practical kitchen equipment, which can process a variety of materials in a short time, evenly cut the materials into silk, sliver, block, etc. Meet the requirements for food production. This machine has a double head and a single head. The double head cutting machine has a wider range of applications and can handle almost any material.

vegetable processing machine:

The correct way to use is an important means of extending the life of the machine. Here is how to use this machine correctly:

1. The default voltage of this machine is 220 volts. If you have special requirements, we can also make changes according to your requirements.

2. Place the machine on a stable surface to ensure that the machine runs smoothly.

3. Connect the power supply of the machine as required to ensure that the plug of the machine does not come loose and there is no water source around the power supply.

4. Carefully check whether there are hard objects and foreign matters in the feed inlet. (Double head vegetable cutting machine also needs to check the conveyor belt). Prevent damage to the tool.

5. Turn on the power of the machine, observe whether the power direction is connected reversely, and observe the rotation direction of the cutter head. If it is abnormal, please stop the machine for inspection immediately.

6. Once the machine is running properly, it is ready for use.

XinXuDong of  vegetable processing machine:

1. After each use. It is necessary to clean the feed port, cutter head and discharge port in time to ensure that there is no food residue.

2. Lubricate easily worn parts, key parts, and screws regularly. In view of the particularity of food machinery, it is also possible to use high-quality cooking oil instead.

3. If you do not use this machine for a long time, please place it in a dry and ventilated place.

Machines of superior quality will be quickly damaged without maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly maintain the machine and check the parts of the machine.

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