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XinXuDong chicken Nugget Forming Machine Faster, Better

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XinXuDong chicken Nugget Forming Machine Faster, Better

Feb 9,2020
This machine is suitable for small and medium-sized animal bones, ribs, frozen meat, fresh meat, frozen chicken, chicken, frozen fish and other processing equipment, chicken nugget forming machine according to the need to chop block, paragraph, Bars and other shape size adjustable. The model cost-effective, no loss, the use of special cutting tools, automatic feeding, to avoid the risk of cutting, high security, cut off the process does not produce waste, the maximum degree of protection of your interests. Save manpower, chicken nugget forming machine a machine can work for a lot of people, greatly improving work efficiency. Widely used in large and medium-sized food processing plants, slaughterhouses, collective canteens, meat processing plants, supermarkets and other places to use.

Chicken nugget production line can be frozen pork whole chicken chopper sheep, cattle and other livestock saws, can also be used for small pieces of frozen meat, chicken nugget forming machine chicken ribs cutting. Imported chicken nugget pro duction line, chicken nugget production line where the contact with the food are used in the best series of stainless steel, the surface is after a very special treatment. 

The use of the knife are used in Sweden imported knife, cut bone speed, faster, better, thicker version of the design, chicken nugget forming machine electric chop chop box to facilitate the regulation of the thickness of the adjustment of bone cutting, chop chop machine for processing Factory, frozen market inside the need. With the pressure tensioning device, chicken nugget production line high speed saw belt cutting more flat, imported chop chop machine to reduce the production of flesh, chicken nugget forming machine the machine looks beautiful, compact, easy to operate, high efficiency, easy to clean chicken chopped It is suitable for restaurants, hotels, restaurants, collective canteens and so on. 

It has high working efficiency and smooth operation. The noise of the chop chop is low, the failure rate is low, easy to clean, the whole chicken chop is safe and reliable, Beautiful and luxurious, the hood part of the use of stainless steel, special anti-sawing device, chicken nugget forming machine import chop chop machine to stop working, electric chop chop machine The device sawing meat machine can effectively ensure the safety of personnel.

Chicken nugget production line is an integrated machine, electricity, hydraulic, pneumatic and automatic control technology in one of the high-tech production equipment. Can automatically complete the food raw material filling, molding, export and other processes, with the sizing machine, chicken nugget forming machine on the powder machine, on the machine, frying machine, cooking machine, quick-freezing machine and packaging machines and other equipment to form a fully automatic cooked food production line. chicken nugget forming machine The use of screw program feeding, reducing the shear damage to the raw material organization, the maximum to maintain the natural quality of food, with high yield, stable quality, quantitative and accurate waiting point, you can effectively control the cost of production.
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