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Main Steps of Potato Chips Producing Line

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Main Steps of Potato Chips Producing Line

Feb 14,2020

Potatoes are rich in many kinds of amino acids, carbohydrate and many kinds of vitamins that human body needs. After fried and added the variety of natural food additive, the fried potato chips not only keeps the nutritional ingredients above, but increases vitamins A, amino acids, and a variety of the minerals.

Potato chips are famous for its delicious, crispy taste and rich nutrition in Europe and the United States. It becomes one of the main popular leisure food for decades.

There are four main steps of potato chips producing line.

Step 1: Preparation

Potatoes are destoned and washed in the destoner. The peeler peels the potatoes gently with an even and accurate result.

Step 2: Slice washing

After slicing, the starch on the surface of the slices needs to be washed away.

The Slice Washer uses the minimum amount of water to gently clean the potato slices. Small potato particles are effectively removed from the product Aow.

Step 3: Blanching

If your raw material contains higher levels of sugar, the blancher will leak out/reduce the sugar level so that a golden chip can still be produced. The unique blancher separates every single slice for optimum and even blanching result. The temperature, set in three zones and the paddle belt assure a controlled and exact blanching effect. The bottom belt design allows running the blancher without water when processing chips of low- sugar level potatoes.

Step 4: Multi-zone frying

The critical phase in the potato chip process is the frying phase. With controlled oil Aows and multi-zone design, the frying system will be frying the potato slices to perfect texture, bite and color. Low total oil volume, special design hood, etc. guarantees the best fnal product quality.

Amisy potato chips making machines are compact, easy to use and with reasonable price. For more detailed information or a quotation, please contact our sales department.

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